The Rant

by Will S on December 12, 2016

By now you have come to expect a Monday Rant article reviewing the games of a given week, advising of player trends and tendencies, and offering up general fantasy advice for your reading pleasure. 

Unfortunately, it is with regret that trend will be no more. At least, from this writer anyway. No, this Rant will be a short, sweet goodbye and heartfelt thanks to our loyal readers and those individuals who took a chance on this guy as a writer/contributor to the site.


Three years ago, then writer Matt Price noticed my posts in the football section of the forums and asked me if I would be interested in being a contributor for the site. He told me to think about, consider what I could handle from a workload perspective, and offer up an idea for an article and related topic. I was flattered and humbled. Wanting to give back to the site that had done so much for me since I joined in 2009, I decided to take on the challenge and write a weekly stock watch report.


It wasn’t long before I realized the level of dedication it takes to produce a reliable and quality article each week. Every week I absorbed as much information as I could from researching player stats to listening to a multitude of podcast each and every day of the week to not just absorb what other fantasy analysts were saying but HOW they were saying it. That’s the key right there: delivery of the information. A discussion or argument may sound good in your head, but getting in print in a clear and cogent manner for readers of varying fantasy football experience and knowledge is not as easy as it may seem. So I spent a lot of time studying the “experts” in the community, the Matt Waldman’s, Greg Cosell’s, Bob Harris’ of the world.


Amway, suffice to say after some time and with former managing editor, Dave Cushard’s support, the big guy himself, Dobber, allowed me to manage the website. Oh boy was I naïve…and, apparently somewhat masochistic too. If you think writing a weekly in-season article is tough, try managing a fantasy football website, providing weekly relevant content on a reliable basis throughout the entire year that includes the “dead zone” months from June-August. I say this not to complain. Oh, no. I’m just a wannabe writer trying to pass along the lessons I have learned from this most invaluable experience to other would-be writers. It’s also a testament to the level of passion for the sport that the other writers for the site possess, in order to have achieved the success they have.


Luckily, I was able to wrangle my nephew, Kevin Luss, Jr. into providing a weekly article. You know Kevin from his weekly Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em article but many of you may not be aware that Kevin was around during the off-season as well providing quality dynasty player rankings and team-by-team breakdowns in our fantasy quick hits series that we posted in preparation for your fantasy draft season. I owe Kevin a HUGE debt of thanks for being with me through this process as a very reliable weekly contributor to the site. You may have noticed some writers who have come and gone. But Kevin was there every step of the way without complaint.


A few other invaluable lessons I have learned. First, the amount of possible topics on which to write for fantasy football is so vast that it may be quite intimidating to a first time writer or editor of a new or start-up website. From, dynasty, PPR, DFS, redraft, rookies, veterans, standard scoring, player rankings, scouting reports…you get the idea. The amount of topics is myriad. To the point where it can be overwhelming if you attempt to cover them all right out of the gate. One of Dobber’s best tidbits of advice was: keep it simple and reliable. Start small with content with which you are comfortable and gradually…and I mean very gradually, grow your site and the breadth of its information.


Matt Price (or maybe it was Dave, sorry) told me on day one: pick a topic you’re comfortable with to start, and whatever you do, don’t pretend to know. Put another way, don’t try to fake it. Ever notice any analytics-based articles on the site? No, you haven’t. Because I know very little about that style of analysis since I’m more a of film room junkie. That’s not to say that analytics doesn’t have a place here, it’s just to say that I would have been a fool to try and fake my way through an article on the subject.


 So to wrap up, I want to say thank you one more time to Matt, Dave, and Dobber for allowing me a wonderful opportunity to write for and manage a fantasy football website – an opportunity that many guys I know would just love to have. I am so grateful for the experience and lessons I have learned. Big thanks to Kevin for tagging along with me on this ride as the Bernstein to my Woodward.


…and a very special thanks to all of you, our faithful readers. Without all of you there would be no site. Unfortunately, as I alluded to earlier, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to take this site to the level of product I know that it can be, Life just gets in the way sometimes. Fear not…you can always find me on the forums HERE and on my personal twitter account HERE.


Good luck to all of you, and thank you for the wild ride.


/rant off



  • goose191919

    Much appreciated, Will. Great job over the years, I’ve been a very loyal reader since it started. I used to write a blog on the San Jose Sharks but ended after 5 years, so I understand the pain.

  • Will S

    @goose191919 thanks so much. Tough call. It was a labor of love, no doubt. But I just needed to free up some time. I’ll still be very active in the football forums and the Dobber Hockey Football League.

  • David

    Thanks for all the writing. I’m about to win my fantasy season this week. Couldn’t have done it without you

    • Will S

      Congrats! …and thanks so much for the comment.

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